Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Beat Website Ranking On Search Engine

There are some basic rules  which you can use for ranking of your website. If You follow Matt Cutts then he always say “Frequent Update of  content is the key of successful ranking of a website “also depends on type of website. The sites which do better job on user experience get better response as well as good ranking. Some of the things which relate to better indexing are as follows.
Indexing is an old  but effective technique for old and new web pages it is kick start for any website.
Title, Meta and Headers are the second important key.
Segmentation of your content and one niche at a time can help you focus on your targeted area and perfect output.
Content should be relevant and specific.
User Friendly Navigation and Page load time is the other key.
Regular Hygiene check and Backlinking.
Use Light size videos (in term of size) in your website .
Proper tracking on webmaster.
There are some basic factors which gives boost to a website.As per NEIL PATEL post basicWebsite Ranking Factors you can find in given link
  • Click through Rate
  • Domain Age
  • Backlinking
  • Cross Linking
  • Content Quality
  • Competition
  • Growth Rate
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